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Wheel wash Australia

Wheelwash Australia has been manufacturing and supplying a range of effective wheel cleaning equipment to prevent dirt and debris from leaving facilities and polluting the roadways for more than 15 years. With more than 100 truck wash systems in operation in Australia in diverse sectors such as mining, quarry, landfill, hire companies, major road and construction sites, brickworks and much more, Wheelwash prides itself on supplying a high quality product for sale with exceptional local customer service.

Wheelwash UK are the pioneers of a comprehensive range of mobile wheel and undercarriage cleaning systems and the No 1 supplier and hirer in the UK. Wheelwash systems can come in the form of  Powerwash (High-pressure) systems, Wheelwas baths and rollers to clean the rear dual drive wheels.

There are a number of basic systems that can be manufactured to suit any particular site. All are unique, in that they are of all steel construction and are mobile. This means at the end of a project or landfill's life, they can be easily and quickly dismantled and relocated at minimum cost for use elsewhere.

It takes as little as 4 hours to install and is highly effective in a wide range of site situations, including quarries, building and road construction, landfill and waste transit areas.

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Rhino Ecobath
Rhino Ecoramp
Rhino Extreme
Rhino Excel
Rhino Extra
Agriwash Defender

To learn more please provide details at Contact Us, call (03) 9308 5915 or visit us at Wheelwash UK website.


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